Healthy Relationships Should Not Be Ignored

I recently invited?my mentor, Paster Peter Rahme, to visit with me and another close person on my team to give us advice on our working relationship. This person and I have such a positive?relationship, I doubted whether there was really anything else he could add. But as always, he had something insightful to share with us about how to improve relationships?even when they are already healthy.

What he said was so good, I want to share it with you today.

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Even?Healthy Relationships Can Be Improved

Pastor Peter told us that regardless how good our relationship is, we must always take it to the next level. Simple advice that is powerful for any relationship.

I always work on my relationships. But once?they are at?a good place, I usually try to maintain them, not necessarily make?them better. I just hadn’t thought of it that way.

Positive?Relationships Are Key to Success in?Life

Many years ago, I discovered the power of relationships. It?s the very fabric of leadership. Our closest relationships are crucial to our success in life. Since then, I have made it a priority to develop personal relationships with those I lead and work with. And I make it my goal to take the relationship as deep as possible. Relationships connect hearts and align our values and visions.?Twitter_logo_blue

Many don?t even consider ?working on a relationship,? unless things get rocky, or the relationship is new, or we hit some bumps in the road. However, I want to encourage you to be intentional to work on even your greatest relationships and keep taking them to better places.

There is always magic when relationships are in a good place. Each person becomes positively transformed under the glow of the other?s care. Communication gets better, and the work environment becomes more productive and enjoyable. I have seen success in maintaining my key relationships and keeping them in a good place. But Pastor challenged me to really take my relationships to a whole new level.

How Do We Improve Relationships Which Are Already Healthy?

If the communication is already great?if love, honor, and transparency are already practiced?how can we improve a healthy?relationship?

I made a personal decision that?I will never be satisfied with the status quo in any of my close relationships. I will always look for ways to improve them. I will continue to seek growth so I know how to lead my relationships to deeper places.

In addition,?I have shared this idea with the people in my inner circle, and I have asked them to join me in figuring out ways to take our relationships to the next level. Together, I am confident we will find ways to improve our communication, to better understand each other?s needs, and to uplift and empower one another in even more dynamic?ways.

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