What Message Do You Carry That Could Impact Your World?

If you long to positively impact your world?specifically the people in your life?but you feel helpless and insignificant to do so, then this post is for you.

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I had never heard of Lizzie Velasquez until recently. Now at 24 years old, Lizzie has a rare medical condition that has only been identified in two other people. Her condition prevents her from gaining weight. Having zero body fat, she has never weighed more than 62 pounds even though she eats over 3500 calories per day. She is also blind in one eye.

A few years ago, one of her classmates made a video of her called ?The World?s Ugliest Woman,? which had millions of likes on YouTube and thousands of comments almost all mocking and belittling her.?Relying on her Christian faith and the support of her family and friends, this amazing woman has not let her appearance define her worth. She has become an inspirational speaker and published author, speaking a message of hope to us all.

And how about Nick Vujicic, the amazing motivational speaker and teacher with no arms or legs?

If these two amazing human beings have found ways to impact their world, you and I can do the same?and we should. The question for you and me is this:?How much can we shift from an attitude of getting to an attitude of giving?

How Could I Possibly Impact the World?

You may say, ?Okay Wes, I want to impact those around me. But I can?t. No one listens. No one care about me or my opinions.? Let me walk you through this.

You?ve already made the most important step?deciding to make an impact. So you want to impact your team? You want to change your culture? You want to fix your family? You want to touch someone?s life? You want to change the lives of a million people??The first step is wanting to do it.

The second step is aiming to get there. The key here is to be patient with yourself. It may take a long time before you are ready to execute. You have to grow yourself and get ready. And most importantly, you have know where, who, and how. That takes months, but most of the time, years.?But if you don?t aim to do it, let?s face it, it will never happen. Are you with me?

But you say?

No one listens to me.

Love people and grow yourself; I assure you people will listen. I seriously doubt that Lizzie?a 60 pound twenty-something who has struggled her whole life because of her appearance?had an advantage there.

I feel empty with nothing to give.

If you put nothing into yourself?into your head and heart?you will be empty. So fill your yourself with good things?the right perspective, the right wisdom. Grow consistently, and you will have something to give.

I don?t know in what area I can make an impact.

You haven?t identified what area in which you can impact your world? It?s simple. It?s the area in which you have been most impacted. And this is key: If nothing has impacted you, there is nothing for you to share. Twitter_logo_blue?So the question for us today is, are we challenging ourselves to be impacted?

Earlier today I ordered a book by Lizzie. It is called Be Beautiful, Be You. That?s how she sees herself because she knows that?s how God sees her. Beautiful. What an inspiration to us all.

What is the book or the message that you can give to your world today?

Question: How do you aim to impact your world?

Your Friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

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