I have exciting news!

I am so excited to share what we?ve been working on for you over the last weeks and months. This email contains TWO BIG SURPRISES for you!

First, I am elated to announce our new brand and website: WesMD.com

I am launching WesMD, Your Leadership Doctor as the next level of growth for our organization. It is a name change that I, and my team, feel best focuses who we are and we do.

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At WesMD, we will continue to write and teach excellence in leadership. From the start, my mission has been to provide leaders with the practical tools and support. And to that mission, I feel more focused than ever to help leaders as they grow themselves, impact others, and build healthy organizations.

At WesMD, I will continue to be provide a place of reprieve and restoration to leaders who are worn from the journey, in the same manner I did at Aspire.

At WesMD, I will continue to share with both seasoned and aspiring leaders the life-changing impact healthy leadership has made on me.

For those of you who have supported Aspire, I want to warmly thank you, and invite you to take the next step with us toward healthy leadership at WesMD. Please know that the same content will be available at WesMD. The name and brand Aspire, will soon be re-launched as a non-profit organization aiming to reach deeper into communities in need of leadership teaching.

Second, I am excited to launch and open registration for our annual Healthy Leadership Retreat.

This is not another fast-paced conference, with one workshop after another, networking in suits and heels, and sleeping in cookie-cutter hotels.

This is a leadership retreat. It?s a time to break away from your routine. A time to strategize with your team. And a time to learn healthy leadership.


Join me for three days away at the beautiful Beaumont Ranch near the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We have designed an all-inclusive leadership retreat for you to get away, rest, and grow. The itinerary includes Healthy Leadership workshops, lengthy breaks, leisurely meals, and team building activities. The retreat will allow you time alone and with your team to strategize, brainstorm, or reflect on what you are learning.

If you have enjoyed what is shared on my blog, I know you will love what we will share in this retreat. I would love to have you join me and my inner circle. Click here for all the details and to register.

Finally, I want to thank you for regularly taking time to follow my writing. My goal is to add value to your journey in leadership, and I hope that I have done that at least in some small way.

See you in September!

Your Friend,
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