How to Show Up as a Leader

When you show up, don’t just aim to spill information—dull, tiresome, hum-drum noise. Information is merely the crumbs of leadership, scattered.

Rather, through words, like hidden gems, oozing like sap from a tree, purpose to move the hearts of people. Each time you speak, each time you are present, be a blazing fire, a gushing stream, a surging tide, a volcanic eruption, a towering inferno. Unstoppable, unbreakable, indomitable, immovable in your inner light and longing for the beautiful mission you lead.

You may speak with a quiet whisper or thunderous conviction. Regardless, reveal the incandescent spirit of love and resolve that resides in you.

Does it reside in you? The spirit you must bring, first has to be deposited within the fabric of your soul, inculcated and fused between your cells, traveling in your blood stream, and zipping across your nerves. It must become you.

How? Renew it daily—creatively, ferociously, firstly and above all. Renew it physically, spiritually, emotionally, and cognitively so that when people see you, hear you, and read you, they know they saw not you, a mere human, but they saw the power of your Creator in you. The power of an idea from you. The beauty of life and love and grace on you.

That’s when people move. That’s when stubborn hearts quiver. When frigid wills thaw. When love ignites. That’s when the arc of their life’s journey bends toward the light of the vision.

That’s leadership, my friend, and exceptional leaders exercise it every time they show up.

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