Do You Know How Your People Feel?

Most leaders know what their people do. ?Great leaders know how people feel matters. ?And they do something about it!

Do you monitor the pulse of your team?

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How people feel matters! It is actually what matters most in your leadership!

And it matters all the time!

Trust me! It matters when change is taking place, when you are proposing a new vision or simply when you are forging forward as a team.

Why does it matter? ?Because you simply cannot lead people if you don?t know, care about, and are able to affect how they feel about you, the team, the vision or the organization.

Great generals and great coaches have always known that. They know that when their armies or teams feel discouraged or disempowered success will be difficult to achieve and maintain.

Here are four questions to ask yourself as you aim to grow in this area:

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  • Are you convinced that how people feel will determine the success of your team? ?If you are not convinced that how your people feel about you, the plan, the team or the organization matters, then you will have problems in your leadership and you will not go far with your team. And if you do, it will be at a great price to yourself and the entire team.
  • Can you feel what others feel? ?Some people simply cannot feel what others feel. This may be a natural quality or a learned habit. If in your personal life you struggle in knowing how people feel, you are likely to do the same in your leadership role!?If you struggle in this area, there are many resources available to help you grow in your personal development.
  • Are you constantly monitoring your people?s feelings and your team?s morale? ?In GI endoscopy, as heavily sedated patients? stomachs and intestines are being examined their vital signs are closely monitored. High tech machines are used and always beep at a certain speed indicating a patient?s heart rate, and at a certain pitch indicating their oxygen level.?This machine is always on! If there is any deviation in their vital signs we will know immediately.?Similarly great leaders constantly monitor their people?s feelings and their teams? morale. Not just at the beginning of a project, or when there are problems.
  • When people?s feelings need shoring up, do you give that priority? ?When someone?s vital signs become a concern during a medical procedure, the response is immediate and aggressive! There is no room for failure. A patient?s life is on the line.[/unordered_list]

We always do whatever it takes!

As a leader, you must monitor the pulse of your team! ?How they feel will determine the life of your team.

Give it top priority!

Whether you are a president of a country, a pastor of a church, a manager in a factory or CEO of a company, stop and assess yourself honestly in this area.

If your people feel like a million bucks being with you and a part of your team? success is always the result!

Your friend,
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