40 Ways to Honor Your Wife

40 Ways to Honor Your Wife

Many leaders aim to excel in leadership at work but ignore growing in leadership at home. Whether you are a man or woman, I encourage you to apply leadership principles in your home as much as you do outside of your home. As for the leaders I work with, anytime I am allowed to peek through the window of their personal life, I insist that they grow and protect their home first?that they apply the principles of honoring others, creating vision, and empowering their spouses and children to the best of their abilities. We must remember that no success at work can compensate for failure at home.

To that end, if you are a man, I want to share with you 40 ways to honor and communicate with your wife. If you are a woman, well…maybe you can forward this to your husband (wink). I hope that these principles which I learned from different books may be of benefit and blessing to you.

As you read these, I invite you to self-assess how you do with each one. Make it a point to grow in the areas in which you can do better.

  1. Show interest in her friends.
  2. Start and/or end each day by holding hands and praying together with your wife.
  3. Do something active together to lift her spirit.
  4. Find something that makes you laugh together.
  5. Put your arms around her when she needs comfort, holding her silently.
  6. Show her that she matters more to you than anyone else.
  7. Plan a mini-honeymoon, where the two of you can spend quality time together.
  8. Make time to set specific goals with her to achieve together each year.
  9. Find ways to help her know you are her partner in all areas life.
  10. Defend her to others?especially to your family.
  11. Pray for her every day.
  12. Pray with her when she is troubled.
  13. Thank God for her by name when the two of you are praying together.
  14. Lead your family in a spiritual relationship with God. This is important to her. [Read more in this article: How Should We Lead Our Spouse?]
  15. Keep away from anything that gives you sexual gratification, other than your wife.
  16. Brag about her to others, both in front of her and when she is not with you.
  17. Surprise her from time to time with a card and flowers or a little gift.
  18. Maintain good grooming habits so you look and smell good. It shows you care.
  19. Be supportive. Help her to finish her education and goals that are important to her.
  20. View and treat her as if God put a sign over her that says, ?Make me feel special.?
  21. Give her the loving gift of being thoughtful and considerate to her relatives.
  22. Be verbally supportive, and honor her in front of your children.
  23. Ask her, then listen to, what makes her fearful and insecure (without judging).
  24. Pray about and act upon what you can do to alleviate her fears.
  25. Surprise her with a 15-second kiss with no expectations to go any further.
  26. Put effort in to keeping yourself in good shape so she?s especially proud to be with you.
  27. Make it a point to write a mission statement together for your marriage and family.
  28. Go out of your way to help her feel valued over everyone else.
  29. You dated your wife before marriage and fell in love. Date her now to STAY in love.
  30. Show affection for her in front of friends.
  31. Don?t forget to hold her hand in public like you used to when you dated her.
  32. Don?t focus on the physical features of another woman. It dishonors your wife.
  33. Express your love and appreciation for her in a love note which you give to her. [For more on communication in marriage, check out this article: Four Rules to Ace Communication with Your Spouse.]
  34. Ask her: When do you feel most loved by me?
  35. Ask her: What would it take to move our relationship to a 10?
  36. Ask her: How can I best get into your heart?
  37. Ask her: When I am describing you to others, what words would honor you?
  38. Ask her: When I am describing you to others, what words would dishonor you?
  39. Ask her: What parts of your body are you insecure about? What can I do to ease those insecurities?
  40. Honor your spouse. The word ?honor? means to attach high value to someone or something.

I hope these ideas inspire you to honor your wife as the gift that she is and to be the leader in your marriage and home that God has charged you to be.

Your Friend,

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