Why Do We Need Healthy Leaders?

We need more leaders in our world. And better leaders. The need is palpable, urgent, and all around us. We can sense it in our hearts. And certainly, the statistics don’t lie. Our world needs us.

I pray that you and I will take the call of leadership seriously and step up and fill the gap.

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Over 20,000 people die of hunger daily. Daily.?One-third of them are children.

There are approximately 30 million slaves today; more than any other time in history.

Corruption is at the heart of most governments of the world, especially developing world countries.

There are enough nuclear weapons today to kill every single one of us.

The fabric of our society?the family?has been assaulted in so many ways, especially in the developed world, with divorce and children born out of wedlock.

There are over 30,000 suicides in the US yearly.

There are one million abortions in the US yearly.

Groups like ISIS burn people alive, and little is done about it.

1.2 billion people live on 1 dollar per day.

Sadly, we have become so immune to these statistics, they rarely make the news anymore. But the truth remains, our world needs more leaders. Better, stronger leaders.

If we?think of leadership as a tool to make us?more money, give us a better position, or?provide us a better lifestyle, we must think again. Our families are being shattered; our churches becoming stagnant; and our companies can barely survive competition.

Friend, I am not being negative or gloomy today, but realistic. Our families, our communities, the world at large?need us.We need leaders more than ever before. Healthy leaders.

Your Friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

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