How To Have A Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!!

New Year’s Eve becomes the New Year. ?The countdown was exciting and thrilling once again, but the celebration is over and out for another year. ?The fireworks lit up the skies for a little while, but the fun will be remembered for a long time to come. ?Like clockwork, one year concluded successfully and without missing a beat, and a new one commenced straight away.

But can we have a happy new year?

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The old passed away into history while the new was preparing to write its own. ?The tired one finally went to bed after a long hard year as the fresh one got up on the dot and went straight to work. ?The end of one meant the beginning of another.

At the stroke of midnight the big hand on the Big Bens of the world reached out and touched the small hand of their little sisters. The long awaited signal went out all over the earth. ?It?s “New Year? message was once again heard loud and clear. ?People everywhere followed suit and greeted each other with a ?Happy New Year!?

?Happy New Year?– For many, it is a time when family feuds and sibling rivalries are momentarily put on hold and artificially laid aside, when even complete strangers can be mistaken for close friends.

?Happy New Year?– For most, it is nothing more than a “commercial break” in the ongoing drama of their lives; a breather to go and get a bite to eat and something to drink before they return to the fantasy world of their mere existence.

?Happy New Year?– For the majority, it is just wishful thinking, child?s play, something nice to say – hoping?beyond hope that someone or something up there somewhere,?somehow may look down upon earthlings with favor this year.

So the question on the lips of many sincere seekers each New Year’s Eve will surely be, is it at all possible to have a ?Happy New Year??? Or is?this?simply?a figment of someone’s overstretched imagination,?a cruel game,?an urban legend, a clever hoax that does the internet rounds every year.

Thankfully we can, if we make?time to:[unordered_list style=’number’ number_type=’circle_number’ animate=’no’ font_weight=’regular’]

  • Rethink?the?old?theory?of what the world calls a ‘new year resolution’ -?a worn-out concept built mostly on?a faulty foundation?of having to?once again ‘prove?your personhood and improve?your imperfection’? – based mainly on fear and failure.
  • Revise?it?with a fresh revelation of the?grace, mercy and peace of God,?available?so freely and abundantly to all of His children all year round, so that instead of finding fault with and fixing your old self, you focus on and closely follow the Ancient of Days.
  • Reflect on the past twelve months of your life with a thankful heart and a thoughtful mind.
  • Review the highs and the lows with the right spirit of self-examination, not self-condemnation nor self-congratulations.
  • Remove all toxic-behavior, time-wasting and energy-draining habits of accusation, blame, confusion, drama and excuses as far as possible from your life.
  • Replace it with?a lifestyle that is positive, proactive and productive in a manner that is genuine, generous and gentleman-like.
  • Recharge the resilience in the battery of your soul. ?Esteem to the level where you truly believe, think and feel that you can do it!
  • Resume your earthly journey towards your eternal rewards with grace, mercy and peace.[/unordered_list]

I pray you approach the new year with a renewed faith and resolve to embrace God’s amazing grace.

You can have a happy and fruitful 2013! Now, go forth and embrace it with boldness and passion.

Happy New Year!

Rev. Peter Rahme

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