First Blog: From the Heart

Looking back over my life, from age 8 and now in my mid 30?s, many things have shaped me profoundly.? Many people have loved and supported me. ??Now it?s time to give back?

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Under the constant dangers of random shelling, I grew up in the 80?s in Beirut, Lebanon, and many times I thought death was near.? Blessed at age 14 to immigrate to the US with my family, I learned a new language, made new friends, and found new dreams.

With the love and support of many and constant prayers of amazing parents, I finished medical school and residency and have practiced medicine for 6 years as a Family Physician in Crowley, Texas.

During this journey as a physician and business owner overseeing over 90 people, the study and practice of leadership – servant leadership, caring leadership, and decisive leadership ? has impacted my life more than any other.

In this blog I will share what I have learned and am learning about leadership with you!


Because you are God?s child. ?You have an amazing capacity and potential.? And you are called for great things!

Because great leaders are needed at home, at work, in our schools, and in our country.? Our world yearns for great leadership!

Why not lead?? Why not be the one?? Why not take people?on great journeys with you?? Why not dream to make a mark on history and an impact in eternity?

You can.? YOU MUST!

Stop, dig, and seek? And pledge today to write your life story with great passion and high purpose!

For all these reasons I founded Aspire to help those ready for the next step in leadership.? And for those same reasons,?we?are launching this blog.


This blog will come to your email or RSS feed one to three times per week.

The blogs will be written by me, other Aspire team members, and guest bloggers that share similar values and passion.

We will discuss and analyze leadership.? The topics will be relevant, practical, and will speak to the different challenges in a leader?s life, from balance to personal development even to healthy living and productivity.

I want to encourage you to comment to what is said, even if you disagree with the stated points of views.

Now, let?s commit to forge forward with resolve to positively influence others (LEAD) for one purpose alone?. to live a life of giving ? for a life without giving, will be a life without meaning!

Thank you for reading my first blog! I hope you will enjoy the ones to come!

Your friend and companion on this journey!

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