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What are your thoughts about Mayor Michael Bloomberg? Regardless of what you think about his politics, or how he tried to ban large sodas, I think we can all agree that when he speaks about leadership, we should take note. I do.

find the best people

In an interview with Fareed Zakaria during the Clinton Initiative of 2013, Mayor Bloomberg was asked the difference between the leadership of a city like New York versus leadership in the business world. He said?

[blockquote text=’The objective is to get the great people, give them authority to get along, the responsibility, have their backs, get them the resources, make them work together. And that?s true whether you are running a business or a city, or a state or a country. If you can attract the best and the brightest from around the world, they?ll come up with the ideas. The executive?s job is not to do that; the executive?s job is to find the people. – Mayor Michael Bloomberg’ text_color=’#ffffff’ width=’95’ line_height=’undefined’ background_color=’#000000′ border_color=’#dba400′ show_quote_icon=’yes’ quote_icon_color=’#dba400′]


When the popular 71-year-old mayor of New York City (for 11 years), who happens to be the 13th richest man in the world (worth $31 billion) speaks, I listen. And while I may have heard this principle before, it carries more weight coming from a person who has garnered so much success and respect worldwide.

Of course this statement does not encompass all that is required for successful leadership. How can you describe that in one sentence?or even in one book? But the points made here are so very important:

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  • As the leader, you don?t necessarily have to be the one to come up with the all great ideas. Twitter_logo_blue
  • Just find the best people you can?the very best.
  • Bring people together and inspire them to believe in one vision.
  • Support your people and back them up.
  • Allow people to create, to innovate, and to be free?to live and to glow in their strengths.[/unordered_list]

You don?t have to shoulder all the weight and responsibility to generate every idea and innovation. Doesn?t that help you to relax, as the leader?

But you do have to attract stellar people?

Find the best.
Inspire the best.
Keep the best.

And be humble and confident to learn from them and allow them the freedom and space to lead.

Question: Where do you consistently find your best people?

Your friend,
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