Do You Feel Trapped?

In December of 2005 off the shores of San Francisco a whale became ensnared in crab trap lines. For days the whale struggled to free himself, but only became more helplessly entangled. A fisherman saw the whale and called environmental groups.

As rescue teams arrived there were doubts that the whale could be saved. Rope was wrapped at least four times around the tail, the back and the left front flipper, and there was a line in the whale’s?mouth.

The situation was dire as the whale struggled to keep its blow hole above waterline.

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So an urgent rescue mission was devised and several brave divers swam to the whale to cut the lines knowing that one blow from the whale?s tale could easily kill a diver. They did it anyway and freed the whale.

According to the rescuers, when the whale was freed it began to swim around in circles, and then swam to each diver, nudging them as if to thank them for what they did.

It was a unique and touching encounter with a powerful and majestic animal.

What should you do if you feel trapped?

So many times in life we become entrapped, unable to free ourselves, destined to guaranteed demise.? We don?t know how it got so bad. We are not sure how we allowed ourselves to get in that kind of situation in the first place. And with all the available wisdom, effort, and courage we can summon, we just cannot cut ourselves loose.

Sometimes, we give up. We surrender to our ineptness.

But then someone comes along, treading through the dangers of getting close, and deliberately helps to set us free.

If you are entangled in ropes of adversity, sometimes the only way out is a merciful soul that will cut the ropes away. Pray that they come your way!

Dare to rescue someone in need.

Have you ever been set free by someone who cared?

To those people I say thank you! ?May you and I be one of those lovely souls.

As servant leaders, may we release beautiful creatures to roam and swim the large oceans freely.

Your Friend,
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[Source for the story: Daring Rescue]

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