The Secret to Explosive Growth as a Leader

Successful leaders discover and consistently practice powerful disciplines. Twitter_logo_blue?And while many disciplines may change or be?improved upon, a precious few stand the test of time?and take on a status of special importance in a leader’s life.

Explosive growth happens when these most powerful disciplines are practiced consistently. In this article, I would like to challenge you to discover these disciplines in the most important areas of your life from?leadership, to relationships, to faith.

explosive growth

If you work with me, you will know that I am always trying and testing new ways of doing things?sometimes at a dizzying pace. But there are some practices I do all the time without much variation. I have performed them this way for years. I will share two of them with you below.

What makes these special disciplines more important than others? These have been?refined like fine gold in my life. I have repeatedly put them to the test over many years. I have paid the price?sometimes a great price?when I have failed to do them. I have seen them work over and over again for me. Therefore, I have committed to practicing them no matter what?no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Can you think of any such lessons in your own life?

Two of My Leadership Disciplines?

These are?two of the most important leadership disciplines that I practice. While we may disagree as to what constitutes a discipline, I hope that we can agree to the value of discovering and practicing those that work for you. Which practices have?stood the test of time in your life? Here are two of mine in the area of leadership:

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  • Team Meetings: When I am leading a team, we must gather consistently (usually daily) for short periods of time and talk about our vision and values. We train. We discuss what is coming up in that day or month. We simply come together as a unit. I practice this discipline whether I feel like it or not. I could tell you story after story of how this simple commitment to gather consistently as team has saved the day.
  • One-on-One Meetings: These meetings are designed to be between myself and one other person, and serve to create and increase the personal bond between us as individuals.?I will be describing these meetings in detail in the next few articles.


About Your Leadership Disciplines

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  • Do them consistently.
  • Don?t question whether or not they work anymore. You know they do. Trust the process.
  • Don?t question the method of how to do them. Continue to do what has?always worked for you in the past.
  • While by definition, you are so sure about the validity of these disciplines, from time to time, be open to reviewing their effectiveness.[/unordered_list]

If you want to see explosive growth in the most important areas of your life, ?discover and commit to a few practices that you have proven to work for you. In your most important relationships for example, what disciplines do you practice? Do you spend special time with someone? Do you create memories? In the area of your spiritual life, do you invest?time daily to develop your faith? Do you attend church?

Go on a journey of discovery, find a few life disciplines, and?practice them consistently. I?guarantee you will experience explosive growth!

Actionable Step: List the important areas of your life. (Ex:?relationships, faith, or parenting) Now, write down the disciplines for each of them that you know must be done to ensure?success in that area. Do them consistently, without hesitation or question.

Your Friend,
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About me: I have a dream to build a K-12 school, whose mission is not to teach information, but to transform lives. A school that would impart the principle tenants of personal development and excellence in leadership.


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