The World is Crying Out for Excellence in Leadership

On a recent visit to Vienna, Austria, I was riding a bicycle on the banks of the famous Danube River. It was an absolutely beautiful day. But I had a dark feeling gnawing at me.

excellence in leadership


The weather was phenomenal, just cool enough to keep your senses invigorated. I caught myself smiling. Suddenly I started humming that famous tune by Johann Strauss, The Blue Danube. I thought to myself, it really doesn?t get any better than this.

But I had a sinking feeling in my gut.


What was this feeling I couldn?t seem to shake? The prior day, I had visited another Austrian town, Mauthausen, and I could not get it out of my mind. This was a large concentration camp where the Nazis killed an estimated 300,000 people. Situated in some of the most picturesque green hills of Austria, it was so grotesque to think that twisted and evil leaders brought people there to gas them to their deaths.

Humans are capable of both: indescribable beauty and inconceivable horror.

Your World Needs You to Lead

Every day, our news is brimming with both: beauty and destruction. For example, Prince William and David Beckham are teaming up to save the African elephant from poaching. In other news, sectarian brutal massacres are taking place in the Middle East. Life and death. Nobility and depravity. Good?and evil. Humans are capable of both. Twitter_logo_blue

Even on a smaller scale and less sinister intent, we witness this same dichotomous nature of humanity in our own communities, businesses, and families. And that is why, my friend, we cannot neglect growing our?leadership. Our world is crying out for excellence in leadership.

We need people like you, beacons of light, people of hope, rocks of strength, to guide us and pull us through. Twitter_logo_blue

Your world needs you to make a difference. Will you aspire to lead?

Your Friend,
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