Turn the Spotlight: Empower Others

You are a leader. You have a team. You are told to empower others. What exactly does that mean: to empower others?

empower others

Empower Others

Empower simply means to give power. To give someone power can be explained and practiced in so many ways. I want to share one of them with you.

I recently watched an interview with actor Jonah Hill about his upcoming movie. In the interview he described his co-star, actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He said of him, ?He is so good to the other actors. He makes everyone around him better.?

The interviewer asked him, ?How do you do that?? (meaning, how can you make another actor better?) Jonah thought for a moment and responded, ?You?re willing to give up your own great moment for someone else?s great moment. Or if you sniff out they are about to do something great, you help push them to that place.?

Immediately, I reached for the remote and hit pause.?I thought to myself, this is exactly what great leaders do. This is what we all should do?offer others our great moments. Push them into the spotlight of their own great moments. Twitter_logo_blue

Turn the Spotlight

It is our human nature to covet great moments for ourselves, is it not? As leaders if we are not careful, our entire leadership can become about us creating one great moment after another for ourselves. But if we will?consciously and proactively surrender our moments in the spotlight?and allow someone else to shine instead?in those moments that person will receive wonderful gifts from us: Our confidence in them. Our trust and faith. Our support.

He realizes this was your moment, and you gave it freely, for no reason except that you truly care. You want to see him blossom and grow. Your gift in essence is your love. And all of the sudden a new emotion wells up in his soul. It grows slowly and resolutely like lava from a volcano just before it erupts. What he feels is?empowered.

I have had leaders before who stepped out of the spotlight and allowed me on stage. They gave me a chance to shine. So I shined more, and they shined less. But they made me into a bigger and better person. And for that I am truly and forever grateful. They breathed power into my life.

Turn the spotlight: empower others!?Twitter_logo_blue

Question: How has a leader empowered you?? (Scroll down to leave your comment.)

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