As I look over my life, I?ve got to admit, sometimes I get scared. I hesitate. I lose focus. I run out of momentum and the desire to keep pushing forward.?Have you ever felt that way??Many times as leaders we give up. And sometimes, we don’t even realize we have.

If you lack courage, it’s okay. We all get knocked down.?But where we go wrong, is not standing back up again. So today, whatever it is that you are shying away from, I have have three words for you.

Do it anyway.?

do it anyway

Do It Anyway

When you are scared to enter the ring, enter the ring anyway.

When you are tired, but still have work to do, keep at it anyway.

When you are defeated and your spirit is oppressed, fight anyway.

When you try and fail, and fail again, pick yourself up anyway.

When your hope is gone and your strength has faded, believe anyway.

When no one appreciates your hard?work, persevere anyway.

When God doesn’t seem to hear your prayer, pray anyway.

When life gets tough and all is dark, live anyway.

When your dream seems impossible to fulfill, dream anyway.

When you don?t feel like doing what needs to get done, do it anyway.

Friend, this is the life of a leader: to face the torrent of pressure from all sides. Leaders enter the ring, keep at it, fight, pick themselves?up, believe, persevere, pray, live, and dream.?Twitter_logo_blue

Leaders do it anyway!

Your Friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

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