Culture Makes a Lasting Impact How Does Your Culture Define Your Destiny?

Thank you for following my blog into 2016! Happy New Year!

As this new year begins, let us ask ourselves how we can make a lasting impact with the people we lead.?The answer is to be aggressively intentional to guide the culture.

The condition?of the culture you preside over permeates every aspect of your organization and ultimately points your entire organization toward success or failure.


Examining Lasting World Cultures

Cultures last thousands of years. I am from Lebanese descent. All over the world, Lebanese excel in business. Since our country has been mired in civil war for decades, more than two thirds of Lebanese people live outside of Lebanon. I was in a taxi in San Francisco a few weeks ago. The driver was from the small African country Eritrea, but was raised in Ethiopia. As soon as he discovered I was from Lebanon, he said, ?Oh yes, I know many Lebanese in Africa. They are business people.? The Lebanese are descendants of the Phoenicians, who were successful seafarers and merchants thousands of years ago. Culture makes a lasting impact.?Twitter_logo_blue

Let?s examine the Jewish culture. The Bible depicts the Jewish race thousands of years ago as the elite when it came to excellence in government and education. Even in foreign lands they were promoted to positions of leadership. Daniel, a Jew, was a prominent leader to the governors of the Persian Empire and trusted advisor to the king himself, though he became hated by many of the governors because of his close relationship with the king. In every part of the world, Jews are elevated to such a high level?of leadership that they often become the target of hate.

America?is also impacted by culture. Americans are generous people who love freedom and the rule of democracy. Why? The culture was established hundreds of years ago. We come from people who were religiously persecuted in Europe and sought freedom from monarchs and class systems that favored the rich.

My point is this: Cultures determine the destiny of a people, a nation, a team, a family, and an organization. What is the culture of the people you lead?

Defining Your Dynamic Destiny

A culture is created by events and principles. It is formed by its leaders and its people. As a leader, how can you shape your culture and define your destiny?

  • Write down what you want your destiny to be. Make your vision plain, both to yourself and to your team.
  • Live the values that align with your vision. Determine the values that will support your destiny. What principles and mantras must be practiced now in order to accomplish your vision for the future?
  • Share your values with your people. Communicate your values. Make your expectations clear that these are values everyone will honor and practice.
  • Bring people with you who share?the same values. Like-minded people will add depth?and momentum to your mission. Bring them on board.
  • Defend your values. People who oppose you or your values will fight against you. Don?t let anyone else define or alter?your values. It is your responsibility as the leader to defend them.

Make a lasting impact on the direction of your destiny by creating a culture that supports your vision. Let?s affect the world with positive leadership in 2016.

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