Does Your Work Change the World? How You Can Make a Difference

Some want to make money; I want to change the world. I have nothing against money, and I know it can do a lot of good. I will even pursue making money, and making a lot of it. However, it?must never be our highest pursuit. Life must be more than a?quest to fill our natural human desires. The Bible describes these human desires as the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

Instead, we must endeavor to look outside of ourselves to impact the world. Each of us can do that, and we must.

change the world

There are a few?roadblocks we immediately encounter when we talk about changing the world. First, ?I can?t change the whole world.? Second,??Why would I change the world?? And third, “How could I change the world?”?Let?s get past these blockades.

I Can?t Change the World.

I heard a story of a young boy who saw thousands of starfish stuck on a beach, dying. He bent down close to them and started throwing one at a time into the sea. A man, seeing this boy make what seemed like a futile attempt to help, came to him and said, ?You know what you are doing will not make a difference. There are thousands of them on this beach.? The boy replied as he tossed another one into the water, ?What I just did made a big difference to that starfish.?

Changing the world is not necessarily about impacting the 7 billion inhabitants of Earth. It is about impacting even one life. In this way, you?can change the world. You?can change the world for one person. Can’t you?

Why Would I Change the World?

Whether you are working on something that can positively change the world for one person, or for 1 billion people, you are doing great work. When we move from ‘getting’ to ‘giving’ we have unshackled ourselves from the tyranny of self. Twitter_logo_blue?I want change the world because nothing else on earth brings me as much happiness and joy as positively impacting others. I want to change the world because it?is a?commandment of Jesus, to show a hurting world unconditional love and a helping hand.

I am happiest when I am able, in big or small ways, to make a difference in the lives of others.

How Could?I Change the World?

So how do you pick up a dying starfish and throw it back into the water? Here are three steps:

  • Become a better version of yourself.?Be someone who gives, someone from whom others want to receive. Someone who has something to offer.
  • Be satisfied with helping one person. When we are happy helping only one person, we end up helping many.?Twitter_logo_blue
  • Give them what you have.?We all have abundance in at least one area. A hug may be worth?more than thousands of dollars to a hurting person. An encouraging word may be more valuable than gold to a defeated soul.

Let’s work to?change the world.

Your Friend,
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