Business and Missions: A Winning Combination for Leaders

I heard this principle from my mentor, Pastor Peter Rahme. As leaders, we must do business with a missions approach, and missions with a business approach.

Many times businesses are cold or heartless, particularly if they do not have a cause to strive for. While businesses should prioritize the bottom line, finances alone can easily become their North Star. So, as Christian leaders, when we do business let’s remember to add to it a missions dimension, an approach with a heart for reaching people. Let us be a humanity-minded group of people.

On the other hand, many times missions, non-profits, or ministries throw business fundamentals out the window. The thinking seems to be that these ideas are ‘of the world.’ This also must not be the case. Business fundamentals do not have an evil aspect embedded into them. Why not have missions and ministries that are world-class organizations with top-notch governance and leadership, and above board finances?

Insist that your businesses have a heart and a mission. Insist that your church or ministry follows best business practices.

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