The Best Gift I Ever Received 40 Treasures from Forty Years of Wisdom

My team presented?me a gift for my 40th birthday that is arguably the best gift I have ever received. With our organization’s administrator Stephanie LeBlanc?s guidance, the team chose forty favorite blogs that I?ve written, published them in a?book, and made it available on Amazon. It was?a huge surprise!

In this article I want to tell you the story of?that special day last month. I?also want to introduce the WesMD online store which includes this tribute book, our Healthy Leadership journal, and my ebook, Challenge to Change,?as well as Amazon links to books by other authors that have impacted my life and journey as a leader.

Back to the surprise and how it unfolded… About twenty people gathered for our weekly meeting at the clinic on January 6th, just three days after my birthday. When they told me to ?just show up,? ?I knew they were preparing a surprise of some kind. I arrived and?many of my staff had coy smiles and a few seemed to be hiding a book I did not recognize next to them. They prompted?me go to the front of the clinic to?a computer they had set up with a projector. I was asked to search ?Wes Saade? on Amazon, and this is what I saw?

40 Treasures from Forty Years of Wisdom

After the initial shock, they took turns?revealing which blog had touched their lives from the?40 Treasures from Forty Years of Wisdom. I continued to stand at the front listening to each one share their thoughts. After each person spoke, they presented me with a copy of the book they had personally inscribed to me. Wow!

It was a memorable and special hour I will never forget. I want to make the book available to you as well.?This tribute book is a collection of forty of my blog posts exactly as they appeared on the Aspire and WesMD websites. It is available directly on?Amazon or through the?WesMD store.

As I reflect on this amazing gift, I cannot help but feel deep gratitude for the people God has placed in my life as I entered my professional career almost ten?years ago. Each one of them has touched my life and given me so much more than I gave them. To Stephanie and the entire Total Care staff I want to say a heart-felt and public thank you!

I also want to thank Andria Bicknell, Jen Aiken, and Amy Rawle for working hard the last few weeks to make the store available to you. Many ask me what books I recommend?or if there are any products I have put together to?help leaders and promote healthy leadership.?Well, I am happy to let you know that the store is here and stocked with my products and highest recommendations.

As I enter the?fifth decade of my life, I thank God. I take no credit for anything I have, but give Him the glory for it all. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being dedicated to the highest caliber of leadership in your personal and public life.

Your Friend,
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  • Salam David
    Posted at 07:58h, 19 February Reply

    The blog today is amazing!! Wow! what an accomplishment to add the store on line. Man! I am so proud of you, Habibi!

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