Amazing Thought about Reading

If you have not read Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders, I highly recommend it. This is the kind of book I would reread often.

There is a thought in it about reading that struck me recently. We should choose the books we read like we would choose who our friends are. Meaning, we have to be exceptionally choosy. Let’s not waste our time on mediocre books.

How do we do that? The book does not instruct the reader how, but here’s what I do. I keep a list of books I want to read in the main categories I like to read about, which are these days: Leadership, Spirituality, Parenting, Finances, Marriage, and Health.

When I hear about a good book, or when I read about a good book, I add it to my list. From this list, I then choose the best ones from online research online or from what I’ve heard from the recommending sources.

So the steps are:
1.Determine which areas you want to grow in (reference my thoughts from last week about this).
2.Make a list, sectioned with headings of the areas you want to grow in (mine is in a spreadsheet).
3.Read, read, read. Get exposed to new ideas, listen to podcasts, and go to conferences.
4.If you do #3, you will undoubtedly hear what experts are recommending.
5.When you hear of a book recommendation, add it to your list, which you will later refine to decide what your next book should be.

Happy reading!

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