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Brian Bartes is a super nice guy I met a few years ago. He has a phenomenal podcast, LifeExcellence with Brian Bartes, interviewing key people about success. I am so impressed by these interviews. They have challenged my thinking. For example, his last four interviews were with:

Dean Karnazes, ultra marathon athlete—I love when Dean says how running 50, 100, 150 miles, sometimes 24 hours or more, tests your resilience. One way he manages his pain is to laugh about it. He says, “If my toenail is falling off, I tell myself, oh wow, this is so funny, how bad can it get?”

Brian Tracy, speaker and thinker—Brain is well-known to so many. If you are not familiar with him, Brain has had a career of 40+ years teaching about success and more. In this interview, he shares a few of his core beliefs.

Tony Horton, athlete, trainer, speaker—You remember P90X? Tony is a phenomenal athlete and trainer, and a great human being, as well as business man. If you want to be challenged to kick-start your fitness journey, hear this podcast. Tony also shares how he overcame shingles inside his brain that recently left him physically debilitated.

Ari Weinzweig, chef and entrepreneur—This is a wow interview. This guy is a philosopher. This is my first introduction to Ari, but I sure am going to be looking at his stuff. Did you know that anarchism is about creating anarchy in society? It’s a set of philosophical beliefs that challenge the top down, an authoritarian model of the past few millennia. I am not sure that I will adopt anarchism, but I would certainly like to read more about it.

If you want to challenge your thinking, consider this podcast. Brian is always prepared, and his skill for interviewing rivals some of the best in the journalism industry (even though that’s not his profession). Bravo, Brain! Way to make a huge impact.

PS: A great time to listen to a podcast is at the gym. That’s been my habit.

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