A Great Reading Habit

I love to read. I did not like to read until my life was transformed by a book. So, perhaps a better way to start is not, “I love to read,” but: I like to be transformed, that’s why I read. Reading for the sake of reading is painful to me.

Over the years, I have followed many ways to stay on track with consistent reading. Let me share with you how I have been reading for the current season of my life.

I set a number of pages I want to read per day, and I make that happen. For the longest time, I would set an amount of time to read. But setting a number of pages works better for me because I can predict how much I will consume per month.

If you read 12 pages a day, of an average size book, you will finish about two books per month. It’s simple math. Twelve pages a day multiplied by 30.5 days (# of days in a month) is 366–about the number of pages in two books, or one long book.

I currently aim to read about 30 pages a day. That usually takes about an hour for me. It’s a big commitment. But if we want to get better, it requires commitment.

If you like this method, decide today how many pages per day you would like to read.

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