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40 Treasures


40 Treasures from Forty Years of Wisdom: Lessons in Life and Leadership from Dr. Wes Saade


A 40th birthday tribute book gifted to Dr. Wes Saade from his staff reveals the impact he makes on those under his leadership mantle. Each article, hand-selected from Dr. Saade?s own writing, creates a perfect snapshot of his leadership style and philosophies. These are the principles and disciplines he practices daily in his businesses, organizations, and personal life endeavors. His top forty articles are compiled into a beautiful book, making the perfect gift for any leader.




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Challenge to Change


In Dr. Saade?s eBook, Challenge to Change, he addresses the biggest pitfall of those seeking personal growth: they don?t experience notable change. His passion for growth has given him years of experience and authority on the process of creating a personal growth plan, executing it, and measuring your progress. This handsomely designed eBook is the perfect jumpstart for your growth journey. Dr. Saade encourages the reader to be the leader of his or her own life, followed by suggested resources for growth and practical instructions to create your own growth plan.




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Healthy Leadership Journal


Healthy Leadership Journal


The Healthy Leadership Journal is a genuine leather bound journal inspired by collections of leadership principles and quotes from Dr. Wes Saade. The unlined pages are made of rich ivory paper that do not allow bleed-through, and it is enhanced by a single white ribbon page marker. The front cover is embossed with the Wes MD logo and Healthy Leadership title. It is truly a beautiful place for capturing notes, thoughts, and sketches. The Healthy Leadership Journal makes a distinguished gift for anyone aspiring to lead or grow.




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