How to Review 2019 and Plan for 2020

Did you review 2019 and plan for 2020? Here’s how.

Merry Christmas! In this last week of the year, I want to challenge you to make time to reflect on 2019 and plan for 2020.

Some say that the end of the year is the same as any other time of year. Why review and make plans? I agree, we can definitely review and plan throughout the year?and we should. If you prefer to plan in March or June, then do it. But I think the end of the year presents us with a natural break that I like to use to reflect and plan.

Why reflect on 2019? Because we want to learn and grow from our experiences.

Why set goals for 2020? Because we want to focus on what we must accomplish.

I encourage you to do this alone or with your spouse and kids. Reflecting and planning with those you love most will help you show them how it’s done so they might adopt this habit in their own lives one day.

Reflect on 2019

Why do it?

  1. To learn.
  2. To be thankful.
  3. To share memories with a loved one.

How to do it?

  1. Time:?Block time alone, or with your spouse, or with your spouse and kids. About two to four hours.
  2. List:?Make a list everything you did in 2019. To remember, look through the photos on your phone or look back at your calendar.
  3. Rate:?Rate each event that happened from one to five. (1=horrible,? 2=bad, 3=average, 4=good, 5=amazing)
  4. Lesson:?Try to think of any principles you applied in regard to that event.
  5. Reflect: Note what you will do differently next to each event.

Here is an example from my life last year. In June of 2019 I bought a medical practice along with a partner. This is the first time I brought a partner on with me in the purchase of a medical practice. I added the following to my list as I reflected on 2019: “Bought TCBH with partner.” I rated that event as a five. Then I thought of the principle that I applied here: “Trust those around me, and bring them along with me on the journey.” Finally, what would I do differently? “I should apply that principle more in the coming year.”

You may have a different way to reflect on your year. Whatever method you choose, I encourage you to make time to think about what happened and ideally draw upon lessons that you can take with you into the coming year and beyond.

Plan for 2020

Here are a few principles to consider as you plan for the new year. Remember, the hunter who takes no aim will take no game. Make a list of what you might want to accomplish in the coming year.

  • Categories:?Determine categories to build your goals upon. Here are mine: spiritual growth, professional growth, personal growth, marriage, parenting, health (weight, exercise, diet, medical), and fun.
  • Number of Goals:?The more goals you set, the more goals you get.
  • Level of Goals: The higher the goals you aim for, the higher the goals you reach. Resist the voice that taunts, “Who are you to do this?”
  • Accountability:?Be accountable to someone.
  • Measurability: Make your goals measurable so you know when you have accomplished them. It is admirable to say, I want to spend more time with my kids as a goal, and many people with children will include that. It is a more measurable goal to say, I want to spend at least two hours every other week with each of my children. The latter goal is measurable.
  • Principle: The goal makes the man. I recently wrote in this article describing how the goals we set slowly shape who we become. Think about who that is, and set goals that support your growth.


I hope these tips I have shared serve as a guide for you to constructively reflect on this past year and dynamically plan for 2020!

Your Friend,
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