When Leaders Fail, People Suffer Our Failures and Successes Impact Our People

Why should you become a better leader? Because when leaders fail, people suffer.

people suffer

I am often asked why I am passionate about leadership. Sometimes I ask myself the same question. The answer is simple. When we fail, people suffer.?Twitter_logo_blue

I recently met a couple from Honduras at a banquet, two young bright doctors who?practice medicine in the US. They were sharing about the high murder rate in their country, one of the highest in?the world. Someone asked them what they thought to be the reason for?the problem. The man quickly answered, “Corruption.” Corrupt leadership is poor leadership, and it results in people suffering and even dying.

It is the same in all areas of leadership. When you and I do not lead our team, organization, classroom, church, or family well, what is the result? People suffer. When the culture is poor, people are demoralized. When we don’t ensure we are profitable, people aren’t?paid well or exposed to?better opportunities. When the vision is blurry, healthy delegation is not practiced, communication is lacking, or when leaders do not remove or?deal with people who are hurting the culture, people suffer. Our people go home at night to their families not feeling well.

Many patients come into my clinics with anxiety and depression because of poor work environments. I see several per week. I sometimes wonder if leaders are aware when their people are suffering. Or do they even care?

Often leaders equate their leadership failure with their personal failure. Sometimes we think to ourselves that it is okay if we fail, and that it’s a good attitude to have about life. But if we view our leadership as connected only to our personal?success and wellbeing, we miss the mark. Leadership may bring success to the leader, but at its heart leadership is an honor and a privilege we hold because we are responsible in many ways for the lives of others.

So remember this statement this week: When leaders fail,?people suffer. Why should you?embark?on a lifelong journey to become a better leader? Do it for the people around you, the people you love.

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