Meet Wes

Meet Wes 2Meet Dr. Wes Saade


Dr. Wes Saade is a family physician in Fort Worth, Texas. He is an entrepreneur, musician, family man, and friend. He is a Christian and a leader. Like you, there are many roles he fills. The energy that drives it all is his passion for personal growth and leadership. He invests in growing himself so he can make a positive impact in the lives of others. He loves to see people grow.



Over the last ten years as a medical professional, Dr. Saade has intentionally devoured every resource he can on leadership and personal growth. Having personally developed and implemented healthy leadership principles in his medical practice and businesses, he has witnessed the profound impact it makes on individuals, teams, and entire organizations.



Dr. Saade is a certified leadership trainer, speaker, writer, and coach. He is the founder of WesMD, a leadership training organization dedicated to inspiring and equipping leaders, and Aspire to Lead, a non-profit arm which reaches to communities in need of leadership support. His mission is to provide leaders with the practical tools and support they need to grow themselves, impact others, and build healthy organizations. Wes aims to provide a source of reprieve and restoration to leaders who are worn from the journey. Through WesMD, he shares with both seasoned and aspiring leaders the life-changing impact healthy leadership has made on him.