Lift People Up, Just Because You Should

God put a handful of people in your life ? your team members, your boss, your family, your customers. ?I want to challenge you today to ask yourself this question: ?What is my role in the life journey of these people??

Now be honest?

Do we use them to fill our needs? (and occasionally give back so we don?t seem selfish)
Do we simply coexist with them in peace?
Or, do we make an impact in their lives?

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This is such a simple principle that it is easy to overlook and mistake it for a ?just be nice? approach to living.? Let me explain. ?If you believe in God?s divine will as I do, then you should believe that it is His design for certain people to be in your life. ?Pastor Peter Rahme once told me, ?God drops people in our laps.?

Wow! ?What an insightful way to look at people in our lives! ?(They are not mere coincidences for us to interact with.) ?Most of us, most of the time, treat others with kindness and respect.? We ?live and let live.?? We cohabitate, work together, and live together. ?We honor people and relationships. ?And that is good.

Let me share with you though what is GREAT – what is simply remarkable and life changing!

What if we say, ?Wow, God put this person in my life for me to impact, to promote, to encourage, to increase, to love, to bless, and to add value to.?

What if we don?t see others merely as ?an employee, a spouse, or a customer? that we are simply going to be good to, to see what we can get out of.

What if our success and satisfaction come from considering it a privilege that this person was brought into our lives for us to powerfully pour into!

What if those 10, 20, 30 people in your life become better people because they know you. ?What if they become more inspired, encouraged, motivated, or secure.

But then, here?s the kicker?what if they give you nothing at all in return. ?Ever.

Can you and I consider ourselves a success simply because they are now larger people? ?If we do,amazing things can happen.

However, the trick is that we should not do it for the amazing things that will happen!? We should not do it for the ?reward.?? We should do it just because we should do it.

The reward is that we had the privilege of doing it!? We had the chance to touch a life (in a small or big way) of one of God?s children.

So what amazing things will happen? ?(Remember, don?t do it for those reasons! ?This is just the icing on the cake.)

  • People will come along with us.
  • People will truly care about us.
  • Our circle becomes healthy and happy.
  • We help create a culture of giving.
  • Our lives become filled with love and beauty, sincerity and humanity.

And this, my friend, is the very heart of excellent leadership.

I don?t know about you, but I will go to the ends of the earth with someone who genuinely cares for me!? Someone who cares for me not so I can go to the ends of the earth with them?but someone who cares for me, just because.

I have to remind myself of this most simple and most powerful principle often.? It is so easy to slip into our selfish, ?me-first-nice-person? approach to life.

So can we commit together that from today forward we will cherish and honor people – people whom God put into our lives? ?Can we simply make it our goal and our purpose to add value to them, consistently, intentionally, and aggressively? ?Then when it?s time for our relationship with them to end, they would have been so touched that they are better people?

Dear friend, let me start with you?

If you read my blogs, then God put you in my life ? I honor you, I value you, and I care about you.? I promise to give you everything I can?because I want to see you increase and become happier, more effective, more fulfilled, living a powerful life of purpose and passion.

Who can you pour into and add value to today?

Your friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

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  • Cindy Redemann
    Posted at 06:21h, 11 June Reply

    Wow, how beautiful and true! I do try and live everyday conscious of others feelings and needs but fail so often. Or get my feelings hurt. Imagine if you do as your post says, there is no reason for hurt feelings. Being hurt by someone means we used them to fill our needs? (and occasionally give back so we don?t seem selfish). I know people can hurt you and do hurt us. But if we set forth just to have an impact on someones life and there is no expectation back, there is no reason to be offended or hurt.

    Doctor you have impacted my life in so many ways, you are so very supportive, always ready with an encouraging word and ready to help in my endeavors without expecting anything in return. I am very blessed to have you as a mentor and a friend! Thank you!

    • Wes Saade
      Posted at 04:39h, 12 June Reply

      Wow… Thank you so much Cindy for your kind, uplifting, and encouraging words… You are a great Servant Leader! I have learned so much from you…

      I totally agree with you that if we don’t guard our heart we can be hurt… It is such an amazing thing to watch people give others, just because – it is simply beautiful… May God help us to do that often!

      Thanks Cindy!!

  • Brent Lowe
    Posted at 07:34h, 11 June Reply

    Dr. W, Great blog today. I have spoken on this quite a bit over the years. Luke 6:38 states; “Give and it will be given to you: good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use it will be measured back to you.” When we give love, forgiveness and support, we will receive it in return. It may not be from the people that we sow it too, but God promises that we will receive back and even in abundance. I truly believe that we can’t achieve all that God has called and purposed in us until we put others before us. What an opposite thought compared to our society. Thank you.

    • Wes Saade
      Posted at 04:47h, 12 June Reply

      Thanks Pastor Brent for the comment… Thank you for the biblical perspective on giving. I have so much respect and gratitude for all pastors. As you know, my dad was a pastor and I watched him live a life of giving! So thank you for dedicating your life to make an eternal impact in the life of those around you.

  • Kathy Ryan
    Posted at 12:50h, 12 June Reply

    Great post Wes!

    The idea that people are put into our lives for a purpose and not by accident or coinsidence is a powerful one. A number of years ago I made a shift in my thinking that has made a huge difference in my life. I made the decision to believe every person who comes into my life has a lesson for me. My challenge is to figure out what they are here to teach me. I was pretty good at recognizing the lessons from people who I positively connected with, but the greatest learning came when I started looking for the lessons being offered by people who frustrated, annoyed, or hurt me.

    Hopefully each of us have people in our lives who invest in us professionally and personally. I offer a reminder to also look for the gifts of learning that can come from those who’s benefits are less obvious. Sometimes the only benefit they bring is the gift of a lesson that helps us to grow.

    I am frequently enriched by your posts Wes and I am very thankful for our connection!


    • Wes Saade
      Posted at 11:03h, 17 June Reply

      Dear kathy,

      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comment! you have definitely lifted me up and taught me many valuable lessons! I also value our connection very much!! I like what you said that you look at every person to teach you at least a lesson. That way you are always asking and looking for that lesson… very powerful. I will be thinking on that… thanks!


  • Misty Gilbert
    Posted at 20:39h, 05 July Reply

    This is one of my favorite blog posts of yours!!!

    I am beyond grateful that God dropped you in my lap and that I got to meet you and now am following your blog. You have already impacted my life and I look forward to the life lessons you will teach me further! You have some great insights and are an inspiring leader. Thank You for the efforts you put forth for us, Dr. Saade.

    It is my hearts desire to be a friend, encourager and support my clients, friends and strategic business partners. I want to be a supporter and life long cheer leader to them! My purpose is just as you stated, to seek to find ways that I can impact, promote, encourage, increase, love, bless, and add value to them. I want to commit to continue to cherish and honor the people in my life, knowing God put them there. I simply make it make it my goal and my purpose to add value to them, consistently, intentionally, and aggressively!

    This post was 100% right on target and I loved it!!

    • Wes Saade
      Posted at 12:40h, 06 July Reply

      Oh Wow Misty… Thank you so much for your encouraging comment!!! I definitely see God working in your life and see how are such a positive impact to all who cross your bath. God Bless you!!!!!

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