I Will Jump Out of an Airplane Today

I am going skydiving in two hours – for the first time.  I just hung up the phone with my brother, who asked me to write my will.

I have been Googling “how to write a will in Texas” for the last twenty minutes.

skydiving image

Six months ago my cousin Andrew told me that he has jumped several times and that I should do it.  Not long ago some of my co-workers at the hospital challenged me to go.  When I said no, one of them darted in my room while I was performing a colonoscopy and tauntingly said, “Chicken…”

I reserved my spot that day.  That was 4 weeks ago.

Now here I am, thinking about how wonderful life has been and what I will leave to whom.

Also, I still need to take a shower…you know that advice mom gives about underwear!   (Although as an intern, when I had to rip the clothes off of trauma patients, I never recall anyone checking underwear!)

A few weeks ago, I Googled “Skydiving.”  But, “Skydiving Fatalities” popped up.  I clicked on the first article.  It was about a 49 year old New York executive who was jumping tandem for his 50th birthday.  With a big group of people watching him, he plunged to his death.

A few people who are very close to me are going with me today, including my mom and nieces.  Yes, I have repressed the thoughts.  After all, the fatality rate for tandem jumps is only one in three million.

But I can’t help the thought…It would not be a good sight for them to see!

Also, I will have a guy strapped to my back.  I think that bothers me as well.  What if he starts kissing my neck while we are descending?  I will have nowhere to go!

Okay, that is an absurd thought!

And the landing…only a few weeks ago I had a 27 year old patient in the 101 Airborne, who broke his ankle and hip while landing – albeit he was jumping from 800 feet behind enemy lines.  We will be jumping from 10,000 feet today.

So, I am taking a bottle of wine with me that was a Christmas gift and five glasses.

I plan to celebrate the grand parachute opening!

Your Friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

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Reading: This week I am reading the book A Good Night’s Sleep by Lawrence Epstein, M.D.

  • Jamie Adams
    Posted at 13:37h, 20 January Reply

    I found this hysterical!!!!!! Hope it’s the most amazing thing you have ever done! (and of course that you live to tell the tale!)

    • Wes Saade
      Posted at 10:06h, 21 January Reply

      Thank you Jamie for the comment… I did survive it 🙂 It was quite an experience… 🙂

  • Misty Gilbert
    Posted at 03:23h, 06 July Reply

    This is on my bucket list!!! I so want to do this! But as yet, haven’t made the time or date to make it happen. I will though…

    • Wes Saade
      Posted at 12:18h, 06 July Reply

      You will love it!!! Still can’t I believe I went through it LOL

      • Misty Gilbert
        Posted at 09:22h, 07 July Reply

        Would you do it again?

        • Wes Saade
          Posted at 16:51h, 07 July Reply

          I would! 🙂

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